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  What do you prefer ? Being locked in your house for a few weeks or being locked in a coffin forever ?

Breaking news

The end of the world has been delayed.
Please excuse us...

This kind of slogan, which is very popular within NMBS/SNCB in another context, suits the current atmosphere of end's world particularly well.
Already unintelligent at first, people have been showing for a few weeks that their brains have definitely not been able to evolve since the anal stage dear to Sigmund Freud.
As I wander more than usual in stores and in the streets, I can't help but laugh inside when I see certain behaviors of people. Basic thinking has given way to collective hysteria. Toilet paper has become the new Grail. Pathetic...

Attention, I absolutely do not deny the danger of the COVID-19 pandemic but damn it, think for two seconds before doing anything and behaving like a narcotic zombie !
I take this opportunity to wish a speedy recovery to the victims of this new filth and good luck to the loved ones of the people affected.

Coronavirus pandemic

Image taken from Chernobyl, mini-series produced by HBO.
The scenes of decontamination of the coronavirus are strangely similar.

In a moment of public salvation, I take this opportunity to enhance your quarantine with a few urban exploration visits.
Certainly, I should be reimbursed by the social security system to offer such a benefit to humanity.

To counter the coronavirus, I offer the following drugs :

March 2020
Urbex & photos

Winter tour ? The weather becomes crazy...

What I like in winter is the snow. Seeing abandoned places under the white coat always offers a unique spectacle. And if the disadvantages include slippery roads and the obligation to dress warmly, the beauty of a winter landscape is well worth the effort.

Well... No more science fiction and a return to reality.
14°C/57.2°F at the beginning of February (seasonal normal: between 3/37.4 and 4°C/39.2°F) and showers worthy of an month in October, it's normal, isn't it ?
Let us continue to deny the fact that the climate has gone crazy. We will talk about it when it is too late, namely in a few years.

On the seasonal menu (...) :

February 2020
Urbex & pictures

I'm back. Fire in the hole !

Tremble folks ! The Extreme-Urbex team is finally back on the roads !
Fear, suspense, drama and adrenaline, just for you !
With my adventurer companions D-Kryptage Urbain and Kaptage, we are back.

For my part, my withdrawal from urbex lasted 1540 days. It was too much !
So here I am again in those forgotten places that I love so much.

On the return's program :

And to top it all :

Treat yourself folks, I know you deadly missed me.

January 2020
Urbex & pictures


Here are my last 6 galleries.
A link in the description of the picture will take you to the full story.

Château Wolfenstein

A place that has been known for a long time in the rotten world of urbex, Château Wolfenstein still retains a certain charm.
Continue here

Maison Elephant/Squirell

This house, forgotten by everyone, is literally hiding in a place that is difficult to access.
If those who used to live there wanted to isolate themselves from the world, this is the perfect place. Continue here

Château Cinderella

Visit to an abandoned castle, victim of the new "artists".
Continue here

House near the Dressmaker

An improvised visit to an old, completely forgotten house.
Continue here

Maison Annabelle

Visit of umpteenth house, the Maison Annabelle. But this one, let's face it, offers an unusual look and luxury.
Continue here

Laundy Day

Visit an abandoned house in a pitiful state. There is a real risk of collapse.
Continue here

Quotes of the century

  • Urbex is like funeral services.
    The raw material will never fail.

  • Passing oneself off as an idiot in the eyes of an imbecile is a gourmet's delight.

    Georges Courteline
    Georges Courteline
  • A politician who claims to be honest is as credible as a blind man who claims to have seen everything.

  • Speak to me only when it suits you, I'll answer you only when I'm bored.

    Man From Other Place
    Man From Other Place
  • Did what you did
    give you a better life ?

  • There is a moment when we have to stop taking idiots for people.

    Man From Other Place
    Man From Other Place