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  Republishing everything that was online before will take time, so patience.

Breaking news is back

It's been over three long years of I'm trying to escape from this damn Black Lodge.
And what I discovered after this long wandering hardly rejoices me. I don't congratulate you...

It's back for a ride but there will be changes here.

  • First, the visual aspect.
    My old site had become a mess over the years and since then I have simply forgotten how I put to the point this monster of complexity. In short, this site was as simple as the Belgian political system.
    Morality : I start from scratch.
  • Then the content.
    I will only publish pictures, whether of urbex or not. And some other topics that I have written in the past. Or not.
    Nothing is totally definitive yet.


July 2019



Quotes of the century

  • The urbex is like the funeral parlor.
    The raw material will never fail.

  • Speak to me only when it suits you, I'll answer you only when I'm bored.

    Man From Other Place
    Man From Other Place
  • A politician who claims to be honest is as credible as a blind man who claims to have seen everything.

  • Did what you did
    give you a better life ?

  • There is a moment when we have to stop taking idiots for people.

    Man From Other Place
    Man From Other Place