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Other legal information

The website www.worldofjosh.be (hereinafter referred to as the "website") is a personal website and has no commercial or advertising purpose.

The website doesn't encourage the practice of urban exploration and declines all responsibility in the event of an accident or legal action.

The website is subject to Belgian and international legislation on copyright and intellectual property. All rights of reproduction are reserved, including iconographic and photographic representations.

The general presentation of the site is also protected. You are not authorized to reproduce the HTML code of the pages of this server for the purpose of public dissemination. Nevertheless, the original template is free of rights (available here, the conditions of usage are summarized here).

In case (improbable) of complaint about the content of this site, comment or other, I suggest you send me an email on this page and I will examine (when I have the time but with kindness and rigor) the legitimate of your claim.

The press extracts are accompanied by a link to the original article, or by default, by the name of the author and the place where the said extract was published.

Reproduction of all or part of this site on any medium whatsoever, is strictly prohibited without the express authorization of the webmaster, and for educational use (I can dream...).
Reproduction of texts or photographs on paper or digital is allowed in a pedagogical framework and non-commercial, subject to the following four conditions :

  • free of charge.
  • notify the webmaster of the use of part of this site so that he can judge the validity of this use.
  • respect for the integrity of the documents reproduced (no modification or alteration).
  • clear and legible quotation of the source in the following form :
    Document from the website "www.worldofjosh.be". Reproduction rights are reserved and strictly limited.
The original photographs are available from the webmaster, with justification.
Any request without justification will be automatically rejected.
He will study the requests and will in turn motivate his acceptance or refusal.

Explorations, pictures, texts & webmaster : Josh.

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Some rules of good practice before posting a comment.
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