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March 2014

My solution to the crisis

As much to warn you immediately, I deliberately chose to be as radical as possible.
Sensitive souls refrain... Continue here


Fzbruary 2012

Stade Vélodrome de Rocourt

Historical return on one of the most prestigious Belgian stadiums, the den of RFC Liège between 1921 and 1994. From glory to ruin... Continue here


Some nice links

  • D-Kryptage Urbain
    Flickr page of my fellow adventurers.
    With whom I do not have to walk in places that have been abandoned for too long. We will change that !
  • Frank Viala
    Flickr page of Franck, with whom I made some pleasant urbex expeditions.
    You will find a little of everything, but always of quality.
  • Pixens
    Website of Florian Cloquemin.
    A talented photographer, he explores the entier world to bring us the most beautiful shots.
  • Abandoned Places
    One of my first urbex sites put in favorites.
    Updates not regular but always amazing.
  • David De Rueda
    Discovered there is little time compared to other sites, I particularly appreciate.
    To see so.
  • Forbidden Places
    A classic of exploration, on the roads since already long years.
    Another reference.
  • Post
    On the menu : industrial archeology & urban exploration.
    There will also be some photography and image processing techniques (coming soon).
  • Tchorski
    Reference site on industrial, civil, underground and religious heritage.
    Off the beaten track, this site has an inventory of bells heritage.
  • Urbex.Me
    Collective of two explorers coming from Lyon (France) but regularly venturing away from their homeland.
    An impressive amount of visited places.