Some nice links

Like what there are still some websites that are worth seeing on the web

I graciously offer you a selection of a few websites that I appreciate.
By the way, a good website should be viewed on a PC, not a smartphone.

img > D-Kryptage Urbain

D-Kryptage Urbain

Flickr™ page of my fellow adventurers.
Photos taken in 2009 should be published soon [fr]
img > Ferver Urbex

Ferver Urbex

A former work colleague, he is now an urban exploration colleague.
Begins in the world of urbex, but is full of promise. [fr]
img > Alyssia Roelandt

Alyssia Roelandt

Alyssia's (Lily Stoneheart Photography) website, with whom I had the pleasure of doing several collaborations on urbex shootings. [fr]
img > Pakal


Discovered on Twitter™, here is a highly interesting photographer who offers on his website some very beautiful photos (urbex or not), and something to read as well. [fr]
img > Glauque Land

Glauque Land

Unearthing abandoned places for 20 years, Glauque Land has a website of rarely equaled wealth. A must therefore when it comes to urban exploration. [fr]
img > Cafarnaom


“A little photographer, a little curious, above all passionate...” Here is a catchphrase that perfectly sums up the website that I'm offering you here. Alongside the very beautiful photos, there are also texts mixing narrative and history of the places visited. [fr]
img > Neverends


Diane's website.
Urban exploration, photography, technique (photo editing, light, etc.), equipment testing and books. A really complete and very pleasant site. [fr]
img > Obsidian Urbex Photography

Obsidian Urbex Photography

As for Neverends, a very complete website with urbex, technique, tutorials and many, many beautiful photos.
Site of Janine, talented English photographer. [en]
img > Jonnie Lace

Jonnie Lace

Website of Jonnie Lace, an American artist photographer of great talent.
Unique photos with a very special light. [en]
img > BNT


A Polish’s YouTube™ channel specializing in climbing all types of structures.
eally impressive videos (and a little bit of urbex too, to avoid spoiling anything). [en] [pl]
img >

On the menu : industrial archeology & urban exploration. There will also be some photography and image processing techniques (coming soon). [fr]
img > Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places

One of my first urbex sites saved in favorites.
Unfortunately no longer updated for ages... [en]
img > Tchorski


Reference site on industrial, civil, underground and religious heritage.
Off the beaten track, this site has an inventory of bells heritage. [fr]
img > Forbidden Places

Forbidden Places

A classic of exploration, on the roads since already long years.
Another reference. [fr] [en] [es]
img > Urbex.Me


Collective of two explorers coming from Lyon (France) but regularly venturing away from their homeland. An impressive amount of visited places. [fr]
img >

One of the pioneers of urbex who made me rediscover my old hobby quite by accident.
In homage to Ninjalicious. [en]

img > Frank Viala

Frank Viala

Flickr™ page of Franck, with whom I made some pleasant urbex expeditions.
You will find a little of everything, but always of quality. [fr]
img > Pixens


Website of Florian Cloquemin.
A talented photographer, he explores the entier world to bring us the most beautiful shots. [fr]
img > Les ponts métalliques historiques belges

Les ponts métalliques historiques belges

Marc Braham's website.
Less exotic than the other links, but just as exciting ! A real work of Benedictines which recesses the historic metal bridges of Belgium. [fr] [nl] [de] [en]
img > MK Hardy

MK Hardy

MK Hardy's website.
British photographer specializing in the Cornish coast and the streets of London. A lot of beautiful pictures. [en]
img > Wandering Souls

Wandering Souls

Photos from around the world taken by two Belgian globetrotters.
I like [en]

img > Restaurant “Aux Acacias”

Restaurant “Aux Acacias”

In addition to being able to take beautiful walks through the woods, you will find EXCELLENT Belgian cuisine & brasserie, with many homemade dishes and all in a more than pleasant setting. [fr]
img > Vilebrequin


My favorite YouTube™ channel. We see two young car enthusiasts doing anything and everything, without forgetting to learn lots of things about the world of cars.
Channel unfortunately discontinued in December 2023. [fr]
img > Ecosia


A search engine that plants trees ? Yes, it does exist.
A great alternative to Google™ and good for the environment. [--]
img > Mint


The (only) webradio that I listen to.
Pop, rock, sometimes a little electro and above all, hardly any ads or stupid hosts. [fr]
img > Nuxit


The host who has the great honor of hosting on its web servers.
No major worry in more than 10 years, impeccable services. [fr]
img > Styleshout


The template used on comes from this website.
There are plenty more and it's free. [en]
img > WebRankInfo


French-speaking referencing directory on which is registered.
A guarantee of quality therefore. [fr]
img >

Yes, I am linking to my own website. So what ?
What more can be said ? Perfection exists on the Internet and this is where you will find it. [fr] [en]

img > Facebook

Facebook Facebook™ page, created in 2011.
The first social service used by [--]
img > Flickr

Flickr Flickr™ page, created in 2012.
Different from other social media, Flickr remains photo-centric. And it's very well. [--]
img > Twitter

Twitter Twitter™ account, created in 2013.
I signed up, I don't know why. [--]
img > Instagram

Instagram Instagram™ account, recreated in October 2022.
Because Instagram has become all the rage (yes, I know, I'm miserable). [--]
img > YouTube

YouTube YouTube™ channel, created in 2021.
Without any specific content or purpose (for this moment ?). [--]
img > LinkedIn

LinkedIn LinkedIn™ page, created in 2021.
Because it seems that this network is popular, I signed up. [--]
img > LinkedIn

Mastodon Mastodon™ page, created in 2022.
Fired from Instagram™ ? Registered on Mastodon™ ! [--]
img > Linktree Worldof Josh


Linktree™ de account.
New gadget in existence since 2016. It's cute and certainly very useful.
This thing gathers all the links of the social networks described above. [en]