Because we must help the simple-minded, here are the famous FAQ, or Frequently Asked Questions. Or AQPA or Answers to Questions People Ask...
No, FAQ is better. And then, we can play puns like "FAQ you !".

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Posted on June 2, 2021

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FAQ for normal people

Welcome to the page of existential questions that you ask yourself. Since I love to help my fellows (um...), I created this page just for you.
Some of these questions are answered elsewhere on this website, but for your convenience I have grouped them all here.
Go ahead & read !

What is urbex or urban exploration ?

Urban exploration, or urbex, is an activity consisting of visiting places, abandoned or not, generally prohibited from access, or at least hidden or difficult to access.
“Tourism” of a new kind, this activity has unfortunately been booming for several years. The media coverage and the hype are turning this confidential passion into a Sunday hobby for all-comers. And inevitably with the associated drifts : theft, deliberate damage, tags, fires, places invaded by the world, negative prejudices on the discipline, etc.
Like our beautiful society, urban exploration is plagued by the same ills, namely an unhealthy competitive spirit, the lack of respect (both for the places visited and for other urbexers) or even a thirst for recognition which leads to the two previous points.

More info here.

Why do abandoned places have such fanciful names ?

Typically, an abandoned place will never bear its real name in the small world of urban exploration. This change of identity is intended for the sake of preservation. Thus, with a false name, it’is much more difficult to find the location of this place.
Now, there is still a desire for consistency between the new place names and the place itself. Sometimes a name on a plate, sometimes a feature of the environment, sometimes a numerical classification (especially for prisons), many elements of the place can help to invent the new name.

Unfortunately, due to the poor development of urbex, these considerations are no longer too relevant. Several places were published with their real names and the massacre was immediate. A few weeks were enough for these places to be devastated.

How do you find abandoned places ?

Read this article, hope it helps you.

What do you think of the other urbexers ?

Do I really have to answer ? I risk being insulting.
More seriously, apart from a small minority for whom I have a great deal of respect, I don't have much regard for other explorers. Not because of a feeling of superiority (even if that would be justified) but more by the actions of these. The younger they are, the dumber and more thoughtless they are. As for those in their thirties, it's disrespect and a big problem of education that prevail.
To form these opinions, admittedly a little clear-cut, nothing like reading social networks or seeing the actions of certain people in the field.

Who is the person behind WorldofJosh.be ?

Josh was born in the year of grace 1978 and has given the pitiful town of Moeskroen an honorable presence ever since. He has a job which doesn't interest you, but which allows him to be able to practice Urbex on a regular basis. Or when he wants to.

For more info on his debut in urbex, read this page.

Who took the photos ?

Any other stupid questions ?

What is the meaning of life ?


Do you have a YouTube™ channel ?

But you won't find any videos there. This channel was created “just in case”.

Can I contact you ?

Yes. Please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail. You can contact me here.
Or leave a comment on the pages of this website.
Or contact me through social networks. All links can be found on Linktree™ :
Linktree WorldofJosh.be
However, it is pointless to ask me for locations.

Do you like social networks ?

But they are necessary for me to impose my website on the whole world.
I use these in particular :
Instagram WorldofJosh.be  Facebook WorldofJosh.be

Do you share or exchange locations ?

Yes, but not with you.
To protect the places I only share or trade with people I really know. Today places are traded, traded, shared and even sold. It seems that the real essence of “exploration” seems to have been lost.
Because of this, I have seen places that were abandoned years ago, turned into ruins in a matter of weeks.

I talk about the excesses of urbex in two pages :

Can I join you in exploration ?

I explore on my own or, more often, with my traditional companions, but it's always “nice” to meet new people. Send me a message with your ideas and I'll let you know what I think.
However, I don't take “students” of cinema or architecture to explore.

Can I use your photos ?

My photos may not be copied, printed, published, hosted or distributed by any means whatsoever without express written permission. You can contact me here. Also, you cannot use the texts of this website without permission.

For more info, see this page.

Is urban exploration a legal activity ?

Yes & no.
It all depends on the place you visit as well as how you enter that place. But as a general rule, urbex can have legal consequences.

For more info, see this page.

What is the recipe for totjespap ?

Essential question, thanks for asking.
Everything you need to know can be found here.

If you still have more questions, see a psychologist.
I can't do more for you.

FAQ for assholes

For the more idiots of you, I will also give you a "Special assholes FAQ".
Because we have to keep everyone happy, so I’m going to try to bring the worst assholes in urbex's world.
These questions and answers are only for those who plague urban exploration.
For others, go your way.

What is respect ?

No idea but it should be useless.
Among many others, at Château Cinderella, a small example.

Can I put my own name, the name of my website, Facebook group or stupid collective everywhere in the place ?

Obviously !
The goal is for all other explorers to know that you have been to this place. You are of course totally unknown but whatever.
And as for the degradation of the place, who cares ?
Finally, keep in mind that since you are an urbexer, you have all the rights.

Can I change the name of the places I visit ?

It's even advisable.
So you can give fools the impression that you are only making exclusive places.

A place is closed. What to do ?

Two possibilities :

  • Either you smash the access yourself.
  • Or you have someone else do it. It’s more vicious and subtle, so you can avoid possible problems.
    To do so, post a photo of the closed access and leave enough clues to reveal the address, while feeling sorry for this beautiful closed place.

In any case, if the owner didn't want to see his damaged property, he just had to leave it open.

How can I artificially increase my number of places visited ?

Very simple : visit places that aren't abandoned and sell them as an urbex place.
If you have a minimum of honesty, admit half-heartedly that the place is only 20% abandoned (figure to be changed at your convenience).
Another possibility : photograph a vandalized bus shelter, a campsite, a manhole cover or a parked vehicle.

How to get lots of fans and likes on social networks ?
  • Be fake.
    Flatter your contacts, tell them what they want to hear and your subscriber numbers will explode. Putting likes everywhere and commenting everything (without thinking about what you write) is also effective. Preferably aim for the opposite sex to yours.
  • Solicit !
    Take half-naked selfies in abandoned places, paying attention to one point : you absolutely have to occupy the entire frame and the less you see the spot, the better.
I have two neurons but I want to look smart. What can I do ?
  • Create an FAQ.
  • Accompany your photos with a random quote (and unrelated to the photo, that's even better) or any other pseudo-philosophical reflection. I'm talking about it here.
How can you give the illusion that you are concerned about the future of urbex and places ?

Be the White Knight of the Urbex !
Take great offense at the excesses of urban exploration and give lots of advice to avoid these excesses. Of course, don't follow any of these rules.

Can I excessively modify an abandoned place (furniture arrangement, fucking tags, decoration, etc.) ?

Obviously !
This is your place, you do what you want with it.
If you want to spend 3 hours tidying everything up to give the illusion that you have an exclusivity, go for it !
And if that bothers the other explorers, they had better come before you.

Can I take items from an abandoned place ?

Obviously !
This is your place, you do what you want with it.
To earn some extra cash, you can also resell these items. No worries, concealment is not punished by Law.

How can I prevent other urbexers from visiting MY places ?

Several SOB techniques are available :

  • Try to contact the owner to secure his property.
  • Degrade the place to force the owner to secure his property.
  • Denounce other urbexers.
  • Burn it.
  • Announce on social media that the place is dead (when it's not true).
Harming my competitors is my leitmotif. What to do to be the worst SOB ?

Ransack a place and write the name of your enemies with chalk or finger in the dust.
Highly courageous act.

Can I explore at night with flashlight and flash photos ? Discreetly ?

Yes. Of course. It's logic.
Don't forget to scream too.

Where is the ideal location to park my car while exploring ?

In front, or if possible, in the place.
Be sure to leave your car clearly visible. Leaving the headlights on will increase your visibility.
Besides, walking is for assholes.

Exploring with children or grandparents is it advisable ?

YES !!
In the best-case scenario, a child will die of a fall and thus avoid spending his or her life with morrons parents.
As for grandparents, a premature end of life can accelerate the inheritance jackpot.

Can I give advice to other urbexers ?

Me, yes. You, no.
I’m the elite of the urbex, you’re not.
So shut up & listen to me.

If you feel the subject of this latest FAQ, ask yourself the right questions (if you can).


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