Urbex, your ruthless universe

Urbex is Dallas and I bet you already hum that famous soundtrack ♪♫♪
But yes, that old American series from the 70/80’s recounting the merciless war waged by a few Texas families in the oil industry.
Urbex turned into this : a pathetic soap opera.


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Posted on April 6, 2021

I’m not for world peace, no. Already because I really don’t give a fuck and then because it just can’t be. Never in human history has it been possible. The human being is simply not intellectually capable of it.
And then I got so cynical that when a new conflict arises, I have fun imagining the consequences. And I wait, lurking in the shadows, for the moment when some dumbest jerk will push THE red button and blow all things up. It will happen one day or another. Patience my friends
Anyway, there are too many of us on Earth, it’s time to clean up all this shit.

img > Peace in the world

Peace in the world ?
And the shielding measures Jesus Fucking Christ !

Urbex, peace & love ?

Brought back to the rotten little world of urbex, the findings remain the same.
A hobby that was still confidential ten years ago, the media coverage of a few “stars” of the discipline has attracted like flies on a shit a whole horde of inbred morons. You don’t need to feel the target of my insults, you are not one of them since you are reading me. No, my targets are those who have turned urban exploration into chain exploration, a kind of industrialization of the urban exploration.
“The more places we do, the better we’ll be, and it doesn’t matter if we vandalize, fracture, or visit places that aren’t abandoned.”
I also target those who are only interested in their (small) cock thinking they have the biggest, those who believe that they are unique, the most beautiful, the best. I’m laughing !
And who says stupid consanguineous says continual puerile wars. To be convinced of this, you just need to be part of several urbex groups on Facebook™ like me.

Take a kindergarten class and see how kids can argue over nothing. Urbex is the same. And at the same level.
One criticizes while others still call others thugs while the former are insulted by another group out of nowhere and claiming to be the moral conscience of the urbex. Me, I eat my popcorn and I count the points. I love that ! Above all, don't stop, you are very entertaining (failing to be good at photos and/or exploration).
It even screams when one explorer takes the same photo as another. Obviously ! There are more and more urbexers and all these people are in the same places. It makes sense that the same photos keep coming back.
About those who enact the rules of urbex, two things that will cause them to have a stroke : : paid urbex and visiting real estate for sale. The first one, many of us (and I the first) did for a multitude of good and bad reasons. Personally, because I wanted to. Point. The other practice is all about being exclusive and creating a buzz, nothing else. Being able to say “I’m the only one who did it!”. And what ? Huh ?! No answer ? It's normal.

img > A high level war

A high level war

Another point makes me howl with laughter : EXCHANGING ADDRESSES IS WORSE THAN ADORING SATAN.
The exchange of addresses is absolute evil. Yes, yes. Swap addresses, and you'll catch diseases that haven't existed since the Middle Ages.
A little bit serious ! Addresses exchange is almost the only way to get new places. The lifespan of these has become so limited that using the old methods (search for clues, history, cross-checking of information, etc.) is no longer possible and when you have found the spot, the one will have already been vandalized.
Now, chatting with anyone is obviously the wrong thing to do. But how do you know someone through the Internet ? This is the big problem in our society today. We tell what we want behind a PC or a smartphone.

img > Urbex & torture

The fate of those who exchange addresses

A stupid society

As for the sandbox level of countless urbexers, it is only a reflection of our beautiful society.
What is most important these days ? To appear. Make people talk about themselves, for good or for bad. To be recognized. Have a status. And on social media, have the most subscriptions. Some find their reason for living in this. It's pathetic.
And what about the followers of these pseudo-stars ? I call them “the livestock”. We tell them what to like and what to think (cf. influencers), these morons nod without thinking. In addition, they will defend their idols when they are taken to task. Equally unnecessary but so many, it's frightening.

In the middle of this cesspool, urban exploration, its places and the die-hard few who only practice urbex for fun.
Because abandoned places are victims of too many explorers and vandals. Besides, can we still speak of an abandoned place when whole coaches unload dozens of urbexers every weekend ?
Because the explorers themselves fall victim to the shitty behavior of too many assholes. We have acquired a disgusting reputation by dint of seeing places set on fire, degraded, sometimes with physical attacks on owners or keepers. Where are we going ? And this only for a few photos and a few likes ?

I've come to a point where I hope that someday there will be a serious incident. Maybe it will scare the stupidest of us. But I don’t believe it, the jerk isn't afraid of anything.

img > Facebook & ego

"Your likes are my spiritual food"


My tirade is only intended to attract you to my site and thus inflate the attendance figures and also make me earn lots of moneyNote1.
So... Subscribe to my Facebook™, Flickr™, Instagram™ and Twitter™ (or even YouTube™ but it's an empty channel) and post lots of comments !!! Yes, yes, it helps me live and beat cancer in the world.
If you don't want to, fine, ok, as you wish

Personally, I continue my little path in urban exploration. Even if I plague more and more on the world of urbex, it isn't the assholes who will destroy my passion.
I keep going my way and that's all that matters to me.


  • No, I won absolutely nothing with my photos and my site. On the contrary.

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