The little red book of urbex

February 2020

Don't be fooled by it, but under fun and restful surroundings, urbex requires in-depth knowledge of a number of rules and best practices. Which makes it a fairly elitist activity, anyone (like you) is not able to enter the very closed circle of first-class urban explorers (of which I am one, of course).

On this page, I will expose you all I know on the subject, while trying to popularize as much as possible, considering your lamentable intellectual level.
I know, I'm too generous but you can still thank me (and practicing a sacrifice on my behalf, it doesn't cost anything).

I'm going to split this little guide into four parts, just to not tire your few neurons too quickly :

  1. Research and preparation
  2. The actual exploration
  3. The glorification
  4. Conclusions

I. Research and preparation

You are a beginner and obviously you have no address ?
I have the solution !

II. During the exploration

III. After exploration, the quest for glory

IV. Conclusions

Obviously, this text is to be taken in the second-degree humor. Though...
Keep in mind the following :

So that you can print and take this excellent guide with you everywhere, I deliver it to you for download :

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