Urbex & photography


What about urbex ?

Why photography ?

With my camera, I travel the country tirelessly to find things that attract me.
And yet, initially, I was not interested more than that in photography. I regularly accompanied a friend fan of aviation during his shootings around the country, and this, since the beginning of this century.
Little by little, I realized that I liked that.

What is urbex ?

Urban exploration, or urbex, is an activity consisting of visiting places, abandoned or not, generally prohibited from access, or at least hidden or difficult to access.
“Tourism” of a new kind, this activity has unfortunately been booming for several years. The media coverage and the hype are turning this confidential passion into a Sunday hobby for all-comers. And inevitably with the associated drifts : theft, deliberate damage, tags, fires, places invaded by the world, negative prejudices on the discipline, etc.

Like our beautiful society, urban exploration is plagued by the same ills, namely an unhealthy competitive spirit, the lack of respect (both for the places visited and for other urbexers) or even a thirst for recognition which leads to the two previous points.
It's sad but I've learned to live with it. And those who wouldn't agree with me, fuck them.

Why urbex ?

Smile ! I started urban exploration - without knowing it - in the early 90's.
Visiting forgotten castles, sewers and abandoned factories, I already had an attraction for derelicted places. Unfortunately, at that time, digital cameras didn’t exist and I didn’t keep any record of these visits, except my memories...
Then, the exploration's passion went out with the disappearance of the places visited.
Until the day it revived, in 2004, when I came across an American website about urban exploration.
But I was just a spectator. It was not until the end of 2011 that I definitely returned to the wastelands and other forgotten places.
A passion of almost 30 years isn't about to die out.

In addition to the unique sensations that urban exploration gives me (being alone in the world, calm, silence, adrenaline), this activity also allows me to keep a memory of a heritage (artistic, cultural or industrial) that modernity is trying to make disappear, or in the case of visits to castles or houses, to immortalize traditions or a certain art of living that present and future generations will never know.
I don't like the turn that our society is taking, and urbex allows me to plunge the time of a visit back into a bygone era.

Good viewing.

A few comments

Condition of places visited

When you browse through the various explorations below, you will find an icon indicating the supposed status of the place visited. The status of the places visited will be updated as far as possible. In urbex, the truth of one day is not necessarily that of the next day.

The dangers of urban exploration

 Don't take your family to abandoned places !
Urbex is not a harmless hobby, we don't explore abandoned places as we go to Ikea™ or Disneyland™.
This may be out of traditional Sunday outings but there are many risks.
 Fatal accidents have already occured !

Apart from the probability of meeting with the police or, much worse, of very bad people, our visits are almost always in places very humid and overgrown with rust.
In addition to the physical risk (falls, injuries, collapses, etc.), the health risk should not be taken lightly (tetanus, toxic fumes, asbestos, fungi, etc.).
Although it may seem a little presumptuous, the risks we take are calculated. If the visit seems too dangerous, we give up.

 Be smart.
Just be satisfied with the pictures we make available to you.

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Administrative, prison & military

The State has always been an example in the careful management of its administrative buildings. The proof with these few forgotten places.
For the other two categories, by definition, we find here the most supervised places and therefore the most inaccessible.
Finally, it seems... Welcome to a world that ordinary people will never have the opportunity to visit (unless he looks for trouble !).


Big or small, historic or not, in ruins or in good condition, castles have fascinated me since all the time.
It's therefore always with the same pleasure that I will lose myself in these places always majestic.

Culture & leisure

For some, relaxing is like going to the theater. For others, it's about getting into a brothel. Finally, some prefer to do some sport to relax. In other words, there are as many hobbies as personalities.
This great diversity is reflected in the eclecticism of the places visited.


In this section, find out what is impossible to classify elsewhere.


When we see the scary level of our education system and the multiplication of abandoned schools, there is enough to ask questions.
Questions that our beautiful political world obviously doesn't face.

Hotel, restaurant & bars

Often abandoned as such after a bankruptcy, bars, hotels or restaurants are unique abandoned places.
If the abandonment is not too old, we can find there all the material but also, sometimes, food of the first freshness.


Bright symbols of the decline of the Old Continent, the old industries have been abandoned for the benefit of so-called emerging countries.
Instead of manufacturing our products here, they are now on the other side of the world before arriving home. Logic, isn't it ?


These places, for most of us, are born there, and then we die there.
Everyone goes there, one day or another and for a multitude of reasons. Urban exploration will nevertheless allow you to see these places from a different perspective.


Is this the sign of the disappearance of a certain culture ? In any case, the closing of churches seems to accelerate over time. Even if it is a blessed bread for the explorers, the decline of this heritage proper to our regions represents a huge loss...
But who cares ?


If walking in an abandoned industrial site or religious building does not bother me, entering and visiting a forgotten house gives me strange sensations. So, when everything is still in place, I have the impression of penetrating the intimacy of ancient inhabitants.
Even if the abandonment sometimes dates from a few decades, this impression persists at every visit. A house is not a public place.


Whether by road, by rail, by air or by water, humans have always felt obliged to move their carcass point A to a point B.
And to do so, he built a multitude of infrastructure and vehicles, many of which are now forgotten.

Non-urbex photography

My other series of pictures ranging from the most basic tourism to the most improbable stuff.
There is really a bit of everything, and this in a slightly more conventional surrounding than urban exploration.