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When there's nothing to say...

June 2023

... well you know what ? We shut up.
By following this wise advice, you will easily avoid looking like a fool. With the advent of the Internet, the floor has been given to the stupidest among you and from a tool for sharing knowledge, the web has become the mouthpiece of the morrons (see here). To be convinced of this, just take a look at social services or comments in the press, or even on video sharing sites.

So for now, I have nothing to say.
So I'm not going to tell you what happened to me last week. It has no interest and it will not advance cancer research. So I'm going to save you too much useless blah-blah and waste your precious time. After all, life is short and wasting time on unimportant considerations is useless. Besides, I'm not going to expose my life to you either! Everyone has the right to their secret garden anyway ! AND STOP GETTING ANGRY ! ME, I'M CALM, SO STOP PUSHING ME TO DESCRIBE EVERYTHING OF MY ACTIONS ! FUCK IT !!
Um... yes. So I was saying that last week, between Monday and Friday, it was already super hot and working in these conditions isn't pleasant. But hey, you have to work hard, don't you ?
Around 1:58 p.m., at the beginning of the afternoon if you follow correctly... 1:58 p.m. when in reality it was 12:58 p.m. ! Yes ! That stupid summer time change ! You will still have to explain to me what it is for !? Anyway... So, last week... Especially since the real time is UK time. Already why having an hour difference when we are at the same longitude is so stupid. The only time that should be ours is solar time. But pseudo-elite decided that wouldn't be the case. What do you want...
Anyway, last week, there was a great promotion at the ice cream store. You can imagine that with the heat wave, I took advantage of it, but that's not what I don't want to talk to you about. So last week... Shit, we're already halfway through the year. Time flies, right ? That's what I was saying earlier, you have to AB-SO-LU-TE-LY avoid wasting your time. Time is too precious. But this week the weather is still more tolerable with a few showers which are good for the garden and for the victims of hay fever.

There, with your digressions, I forgot what I did not want to say ! THANK YOU HUH !?!
Anyway, it will come back to me and in the meantime, I wish you happy holidays and spare a thought for the Zaporijjia nuclear power plant.

Ah yes, the call of the urbex was the strongest and I ventured into a restaurant that was being dismantled.
On these beautiful words, I hope you will radiate happiness.

Urbex too expensive !

May 2023

My last trip was in November 2022. So it's been an eternity already. However, the desire to get back on the road itches me more and more but I have the punishment of being a worker in Belgium. Yes, it really is a punishment ! Urbex is however for me a balloon of oxygen and a real benefit.

I earn a relatively good living, I am almost never sick and I only take one day off a month, just to breathe a little. But in Belgium, having this way of life is systematically sanctioned by ever more indecent taxes. In addition, the liberalization of energy (which would be beneficial to the consumer - I'm laughing !) has allowed our shitty suppliers to charge criminal prices (400 € per month, yet being very careful, so much so that my supplier told me systematically asks to check if I'm not mistaken – I am also impatiently awaiting the annual invoice...). We also add the price of diesel and inflation, and we arrive at systematically difficult month-ends which begin on the 5th of each month.
The war in Ukraine has a very good back (as before the Covid by the way) but yet the scandals splattering our shitty politicians and other upstarts keep coming to light every day. However, we will never touch their fucking privileges while the taxpayers are squeezed like lemons. The situation will only get worse and nothing and no one will stand in the way.
Meanwhile, the Walloon government is spending indecent fortunes on shitty furniture and an asshole tunnel. Damn country !

Maybe I should stop working, and thus become part of the PS business and do some training in corruption. Thus, I could climb the ladder of the party and make my place in the sun by benefiting from the work of others.

In the meantime, I'll hit the road again, when possible, when I'll no longer be banned from leisure.

My life is threatened !

March 2023

I'm now inhabited by fear. I dare not leave my house ! I asked to be under the protection of the police, the UN and the A-Team.
Someone threatens me and I take it all very seriously. Yes !
It must be said that I dared to criticize a really well-known youtuber, whose name is... uh... I forgot his name. And his biggest fan, called... uh... definitely... decided to kill me !

img > My life is threatened !
It doesn't look like that, but I'm shaking...

Well, that's not all of that, but I have something else to do.
However, I wrote you a little explanation about these horrifying threats. Attention, there is level...
The continuation here

See you later folks


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