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At the heart of industrial decline

August 2020

The places visited recently were witnesses to the industrial greatness of Belgium.
Plenty of jobs (although workers then didn't work in the same conditions as they do today), a thriving economy and cities growing day by day.
Then came the decline.
Unemployment for all, politicians doing anything and everything and the sequelaes that we know.
Entire regions have yet to recover and remain dominated by the vestiges of a glorious past bygone.

For the explorers that we are, it's obviously a pleasure to visit such places, especially as most will soon disappear. Let's make a clean sweep of the past, that seems to be the credo of our dear politicians. Are they ashamed of the failed industrial reconversion for which they are responsible ?

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July 2020

Between encouraged vandalism (with in particular the scandalous debunking of statues of King Leopold II) and the disappearance of a park in the city where I live (I can no longer say "my" city as it disgusts me) in favor of a hundreds of shitty apartments, it was time that I survey the forgotten places to restore my moral health.

Come on, I can't help it. History of rowing against the current and probably making me doomed, two articles exonerating facts about king Léopold II of Belgium (1835-1909) : the first on and the second on A third about the words of Patrice Lumumba, the first Prime Minister of the independent Congo, on Note the harmful role of Arabs in Africa too often hidden by the so-called sole responsibility of Westerners.
To those who blithely compare Leopold II to Hitler, learn the history of the country in which you live instead of blindly following the extremists of the right-thinking left-wing politics !

Click on the logos to read the articles (in French !)

And in the same vein : justice for the family and the memory of George Floyd : yes. To erect this same Floyd as a hero, saint or what do I know : no. Although he absolutely didn't deserve to die, the guy had a nice criminal record. This man is not an example of morality.

2011-2020 : no government

May 2020

Certainly, Belgium will never be a "normal" country. A decade ago, a serious government crisis had already nearly led to the country disappearing.
History repeats itself...

I therefore take this opportunity to put back online the photo report that I had made during the demonstration of January 23, 2011. Thanks to a few emails exchanged with one of the organizers, I had become the officially unofficial photographer of this demonstration.
To remind you where the country has already passed, I therefore give these few photos to you.

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Gazomètre IM

Incursion into an abandoned gasometer (obviously !). Unique and strange place.
Continue here

Chaudronnerie du Coq

Large concrete halls and a smaller one make up the Chaudronnerie du Coq,
which has long been forgotten. Continue here

Usine Perrin

Excursion to a large abandoned factory. There are no vast historic buildings,
only empty sheds. Continue here

Charbonnage de Forte-Taille

Exploration of a small coal mine forgotten for ages.
Few vestiges of mining, but beautiful buildings still present. Continue here

Café La Gare

A bistro soon demolished with a nearly deserted station as a neighbor.
Visit of a place that was once alive. Continue here

Filature Nouvelle Orléans

Excursion in a huge abandoned spinning mill.
A dangerous and pleasant visit. Continue here

Quotes of the century

  • Urbex is like funeral services.
    The raw material will never fail.

  • Passing oneself off as an idiot in the eyes of an imbecile is a gourmet's delight.

    Georges Courteline
    Georges Courteline
  • A politician who claims to be honest is as credible as a blind man who claims to have seen everything.

  • Speak to me only when it suits you, I'll answer you only when I'm bored.

    Man From Other Place
    Man From Other Place
  • Did what you did
    give you a better life ?

  • There is a moment when we have to stop taking idiots for people.

    Man From Other Place
    Man From Other Place