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Some old stories rescued from the old site. It's about the mood of the moment or a few things that interest me.
Some new papers are also planned.

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When good memories come to the surface.
Frame of mind  April 14, 2024

My life is threatened !

I dared to criticize a really famous youtubeur. I will pay the consequences...
Social networks  March 16, 2023

What I will never do again (or never) in urban exploration

There are things we don't like. Or limits not to be crossed (anymore).
Here is a summary of what I will never (or never) do again.
Urbex  November 19, 2021

Urbex, your ruthless universe

Urbex is Dallas and I bet you already hum that famous soundtrack ♪♫♪ But yes, that old American series from the 70/80’s recounting t he merciless war waged by a few Texas families in the oil industry.
Urbex turned into this : a pathetic soap opera.
Urbex | Frame of mind  April 6, 2021

In the mists of nothingness

Small text written during a characteristically long, cold December evening.
Frame of mind  December 7, 2020

Josh’s tutorials

Here is a tutorial to help you defeat attempted scams and other fake accounts on Facebook.
Social networks  October 26, 2020

COVID-19 & deconfinement

Some reflections on people and deconfinement. All this is very reassuring and joyful...
Frame of mind | COVID-19  May 12, 2020

Lead horn of Euro 2016

Apart from the official statistics, here is my personal ranking of the most god-awful fans of Europe.
Frame of mind | Football | Soccer  July 8, 2016

The streak is over !

Let's talk a bit about the quintessential American show : wrestling and WWE in particular.
Attempt to explain the hidden side of sports entertainment.
Entertainment  April 16, 2014

My solution to the crisis

As much to warn you immediately, I deliberately chose to be as radical as possible.
Sensitive souls refrain...
Cooking recipe | Humor  March 14, 2014

The place to be !

The ultimate place where gratin and world leaders must be seen : the ceremony in honor of Nelson Mandela.
Frame of mind | People  December 12, 2013

Blank page

But what can the expression "blank page" mean ?
Introspection  October 2, 2011


Other articles rescued from the former FootHisto.be website this time.
You will find the history of some famous Belgian stadiums and an evocation of the late Excelsior Mouscron.

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Tournai stadiums

For once, these are not prestigious clubs, but rather two friendly clubs which ended up disappearing, with their respective stadiums.
Racing Tournai | US Tournai  April 22, 2024


Daknamstadion began by hosting amateur football. Then, for five decades, Daknam will experience the joys of D1 and the European Cups. Before returning to the amateur level.
KSC Lokeren  April 22, 2024


After making the biggest European clubs tremble, the Freethiel is now condemned to play supporting roles in the Belgian championship.
KSK Beveren  May 10, 2020

Joseph Marienstadion

If you are looking for a Belgian stadium that is still authentic, you will find it at the Union. Although renovated, the Joseph Marienstadion has kept its face since 1926.
Union SG  May 1, 2020

Edmond Machtensstadion

The Edmond Machtensstadion has witnessed an admittedly complex but fascinating story. A look back on almost a century of football adventures in Brussels.
RWDM  May 1, 2020

Jules Ottenstadion

Presentation of the Jules Ottenstadion, lair of KAA Gent. For 93 years, this old stadium has housed the ups and downs of the first club of the capital of East Flanders.
AA Gent  May 1, 2020

Neuville & Mambourg

Charleroi has two football clubs : the Sporting and the Olympic. This rivalry is found in their stadiums : the Mambourg and the Neuville.
Charleroi SC | Olympic Charleroi  May 1, 2020

Olympisch Stadion (Kiel)

Summary of the history of a stadium of world significance : the Olympic Stadium in Kiel, the lair of Beerschot.
Beerschot AC  April 23, 2020

Bruges stadiums

Bruges has a very rich football history with its flagship clubs. Historical review of the Edgard De Smedt, Albert Dyserynck & Jan Breydel stadiums.
FC Brugge | Cercle Brugge  April 22, 2020


History of Parc Astrid, stadium of the most prestigious football club in Belgium. In the shadow of Saint-Guidon, academic football has been erected there as a trademark.
Sporting Anderlecht  February 12, 2020

Stade de Sclessin

History of Hell of Sclessin. In hell, it will often be the case for the club along the Maas. Both for its opponents and for its own supporters.
Standard de Liège  January 20, 2020


From the Hell of Deurne to a sanitized theater : the Bosuil stadium lives its last moments. Brief history of a legendary stadium in Belgium.
Royal Antwerp FC  April 5, 2015

Heysel Stadium

For 50 years, all major national and international events had taken place at the Heysel Stadium. But everything changed in one evening, May 29, 1985.
URBSFA | KBVB  June 16, 2013

Stade Vélodrome de Rocourt

Historical return on one of the most prestigious Belgian stadiums, the den of RFC Liège between 1921 and 1994. From glory to ruin...
FC Liège  February 16, 2012

Life & death of Excelsior

The life and the end of a football club seen by a former supporter. For the nostalgic of the good time in the stands of the Canonnier Stadium.
Excelsior Mouscron  October 26, 2011