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Some old stories rescued from the old site. It's about the mood of the moment or a few things that interest me.
Some new papers are also planned.

Blah-blah of WorldofJosh.be

April 2021

Urbex, your ruthless universe

Urbex turned into this : a pathetic soap-opera, just like our society.
Continue here

December 2020

In the mists of nothingness

Small text written during a characteristically long, cold December evening.
Continue here

October 2020

Josh’s tutorials

Here is a tutorial to help you defeat attempted scams and other fake accounts on Facebook. Continue here

May 2020

COVID-19 & deconfinement

Some reflections on people and deconfinement. All this is very reassuring and joyful... Continue here

July 2016

Lead horn of Euro 2016

Apart from the official statistics, here is my personal ranking of the most god-awful fans of Europe. Continue here

April 2014

The streak is over !

Let's talk about the great American show par excellence : wrestling. An attempt to explain the hidden side of sports entertainment. Continue here

March 2014

My solution to the crisis

As much to warn you immediately, I deliberately chose to be as radical as possible.
Sensitive souls refrain... Continue here

December 2013

The place to be !

The ultimate place where gratin and world leaders must be seen : the ceremony in honor of Nelson Mandela. Continue here

October 2011

Blank page

But what does the expression "blank page" mean ?
Explanation. Continue here


Other articles rescued from the former FootHisto.be website this time.
You will find the history of some famous Belgian stadiums and an evocation of the late Excelsior Mouscron.


May 2020


After making the biggest European clubs tremble, the Freethiel is now condemned to play supporting roles in the Belgian championship. Continue here

May 2020

Joseph Marienstadion

If you are looking for a Belgian stadium that is still authentic, you will find it at the Union. Although renovated, the Joseph Marienstadion has kept its face since 1926. Continue here

May 2020

Edmond Machtensstadion

The Edmond Machtensstadion has witnessed an admittedly complex but fascinating story. A look back on almost a century of football adventures in Brussels. Continue here

May 2020

Jules Ottenstadion

Presentation of the Jules Ottenstadion, lair of KAA Gent. For 93 years, this old stadium has housed the ups and downs of the first club of the capital of East Flanders. Continue here

Arpil 2020

Neuville & Mambourg

Charleroi has two football clubs : the Sporting and the Olympic. This rivalry is found in their stadiums : the Mambourg and the Neuville. Continue here

April 2020

Olympisch Stadion (Kiel)

Summary of the history of a stadium of world significance : the Olympic Stadium in Kiel, the lair of Beerschot. Continue here

April 2020

Bruges stadiums

Bruges has a very rich football history with its flagship clubs. Historical review of the Edgard De Smedt, Albert Dyserynck & Jan Breydel stadiums. Continue here

February 2020


History of Parc Astrid, stadium of the most prestigious football club in Belgium. In the shadow of Saint-Guidon, academic football has been erected there as a trademark. Continue here

January 2020

Stade de Sclessin

History of Hell of Sclessin. In hell, it will often be the case for the popular club along the Maas. Both for its opponents and for its own supporters. Continue here

April 2015


From the Hell of Deurne to a sanitized theater : the Bosuil stadium lives its last moments.
Brief history of a legendary stadium in Belgium. Continue here

June 2013

Heysel Stadium

For 50 years, all major national and international events had taken place at the Heysel Stadium. But everything changed in one evening, May 29, 1985. Continue here

February 2012

Stade Vélodrome de Rocourt

Historical return on one of the most prestigious Belgian stadiums, the den of RFC Liège between 1921 and 1994. From glory to ruin... Continue here

October 2011

Life & death of Excelsior

The life and the end of a football club seen by a former supporter. For the nostalgic of the good time in the stands of the Canonnier Stadium. Continue here

The staff

Short biography of the person responsible for all this and the unconscious people who share his adventures. A top team to guarantee you quality urban exploration.
We are committed to it !

The responsibles for all this



Founder & general manager of the world

Misanthrope, never smiling but always in a bad mood and legendary calm, Josh loves to get lost in forgotten places. And growl (a little).

  • His specialties ?
    Break a lot of stuff (without wanting it) & forget a lot of stuff (without wanting it).
  • What he doesn't like ?
    People, especially in the abandoned places . But if they're dead, that's fine.
    Fucking graffiti & tags.
    And unicorns.
  • His greatest achievement ?
    Stay alive despite his clumsiness.
  • His favorite phrases ?
    Urbex is like funeral services : the raw material will never fail.
    Piss off these idiots !about other urban explorers
  • To contact him

D-Kryptage Urbain

D-Kryptage Urbain

Public Relations Manager & stealth trainer

Love mold and fungus.
Her favorite wasteland objects are wheelchairs and pierced chairs... and beheaded religious statues.
Unwavering desire to communicate with spirits to learn more about the history of buildings.

  • Her specialties ?
    Doctorate in urbexomycology passed at Salve Mater in 2009 (great distinction).
    Flatten like a rat to squeeze through the small entrances.
  • What she doesn't like ?
    Urban explorers who travel by bus.
    The neighbors who have a 4x4.
    The new urban explorers who organize the spots and distort the principle of urban exploration.
  • Her greatest achievement ?
    To have spoken to the late gardener of Maison de Viron.
  • Her favorite phrases ?
    A good neighbor is a dead neighbor.
    Exploring a church is like deflowering a virgin.
    I am hot !
  • To contact her
    Doesn't want to be contacted.



GPS Manager & Head decorator

The rotten the place, the more he loves it.
Always looking for the bathroom from the Villa Wallfahrt.

  • His specialties ?
    Puts his sense of aesthetics at the service of his talents as a decorator-mover.
    Its legendary flexibility to overcome all obstacles.
  • What he doesn't like ?
    When the GPS lady says "Turn around".
    When a door is open, it's suspicious.
    When a door is closed, because we couldn’t open it.
  • His greatest achievement ?
    Go through the portal of the Carmel of Reparation.
    Go through Doctor Pepito's window.
  • His favorite phrases ?
    That’s funny !
    I don’t feel it !
    Is the house alone ?
  • To contact him
    In Dutch only.



(Non-)security coordinator

Devotes true adoration to trains and any other late vehicle.
Is all excited when he finds an abandoned place not abandoned.

  • His specialties ?
    Make Josh growl.
    Inventor of words.
    Bamboozle the police.
  • What he doesn't like ?
    Those who drive slower than him.
    The demolished places.
  • His greatest achievement ?
    Discover places through flooded cellars.
  • His favorite phrases ?
    Don't worry, I'm discreet [CRAC] [BOOM]
    Don't you want to push yourself a bit ? You're in my picture !
  • To contact him

Some nice links

Like what there are still some websites that are worth seeing on the web.
I graciously offer you a selection of a few websites that I appreciate.

Some nice links

D-Kryptage Urbain

D-Kryptage Urbain

Flickr™ page of my fellow adventurers.
With whom I do not have to walk in places that have been abandoned for too long. We will change that !
Ferver Urbex

Ferver Urbex

A former work colleague, he is now an urban exploration colleague.
Starts in the world of urbex, but is full of promise.
Alyssia Roelandt

Alyssia Roelandt

Alyssia's (Lily Stoneheart Photography) website, with whom I had the pleasure of doing several collaborations on urbex shootings.
Frank Viala

Frank Viala

Flickr™ page of Franck, with whom I made some pleasant urbex expeditions.
You will find a little of everything, but always of quality.


On the menu : industrial archeology & urban exploration.
There will also be some photography and image processing techniques (coming soon).
Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places

One of my first urbex sites saved in favorites.
Updates not regular but always amazing.
Forbidden Places

Forbidden Places

A classic of exploration, on the roads since already long years.
Another reference.


Reference site on industrial, civil, underground and religious heritage.
Off the beaten track, this site has an inventory of bells heritage.


One of the pioneers of urbex who made me rediscover my old hobby quite by accident.
In homage to Ninjalicious.



Website of Florian Cloquemin.
A talented photographer, he explores the entier world to bring us the most beautiful shots.
MK Hardy

MK Hardy

MK Hardy's website.
British photographer specializing in the Cornish coast and the streets of London. A lot of beautiful pictures.
Wandering Souls

Wandering Souls

Photos from around the world taken by two Belgian globetrotters.
I like

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Worldofjosh.be Facebook™ page.
The first social service used by WorldofJosh.be. Created in 2011.
Flickr WorldofJosh.be


Worldofjosh.be Flickr™ page.
Different from other social media, Flickr remains photo-centric. And it's very good. Created in 2012.
Twitter WorldofJosh.be


Worldofjosh.be Twitter™ account.
Created in 2013, I don't know why.
Instagram WorldofJosh.be


Worldofjosh.be Instagram™ account.
Because Instagram has become all the rage (yes, I know, I'm miserable). Created in 2020.
YouTube WorldofJosh.be


Worldofjosh.be YouTube™ channel.
Created in 2021, without any specific content or purpose (for this moment ?)
LinkedIn Worldof Josh


Worldofjosh.be LinkedIn™ account.
Account (re)created in 2021 because it appears that I MUST have a LinkedIn account. As I'm (sometimes) like a sheep, I created one.



A search engine that plants trees ? Yes, it does exist.
A great alternative to Google™ and good for the environment.


The host who has the great honor of hosting WorldofJosh.be on its web servers.
No major worry in more than 10 years, impeccable services.


The template used on WorldofJosh.be comes from this website.
There are plenty more and it's free.


Yes, I am linking to my own website. So what ?
What more can be said ? Perfection exists on the Internet and this is where you will find it.