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Posted on March 16, 2023

No more urbex ?

I haven't done any urban exploration for a few months. Why ?
Don't feel like it right now, lack of time, but above all, I hate the turn that urbex is taking. I have already said it, but everything is falling apart in the small world of urbex.
Not only is the mentality in urban exploration sickening, but it has also spilled over into what I call the urbex sludge.

You know, I like to say what I think and when I don't like something, I say it. It is my strictest right and it does not please everyone. Ok, I'm not trying to please.
Thus, on Twitter™, I subscribe to the @PerlesUrbex account. This critical and hilarious account recites the worst in the world of urbex. And as much to say, the account is very regularly fed. Of course, as soon as a tweet challenges me or pleases me, I comment, often in a rather caustic way. Again, it's my right.

The legion of idiots

Let's go back to April 7, 2022 (yes, almost a year).
A post denounces yet another stupid YouTube™ video with a very coarse teaser text. You should know that for some time now, solicitation with flashy thumbnails and titles has been all the rage on the video site. The "creators" using this pathetic process try (and succeed, that's the worst part) to drain an ever-growing public in search of weak sensations. If the videos were of quality, we could almost forgive. But this is not the case. These eye-catching titles only hide bottomless misery, and in almost all cases, the same subjects, the same $1 jump scares, the same creative void, in short, the same shit.

In response to this tweet, an explorer whom I hold in high esteem (@Glauque Land not to name him) publishes a criticism towards a little known youtuber (McSkyz, whom I didn't know and whom I don't want to know), who made moldy urban exploration videos (all of his explorations went wrong – as a reminder, in 30 years of urbex, I've been arrested by the police... twice, and without follow-up) but who converted into low-level sordid stories. In short, zero interest.
Inevitably, I feel compelled to answer this :

Nothing transcendent...
Several months pass and the original tweet is unexpectedly unearthed by a prominent member of the urbex sludge. Everything goes for GlauqueLand and me : insults, threats, arguments worthy of an oyster on Prozac™. We all have a good time with this fanatic, (un)known under the pseudonym of Ena Mius, which rhymes with minus... Hahaha.
GlauqueLand decides to file a handrail with the police (for repeated threats against him). For my part, I do nothing. This isn't the first time this has happened to me (nor will it be the last). This idiot's account is reported to Twitter™, which suspends him. I thought we would stop there, even if, I admit, I was beginning to develop a certain pity for this moron. But be it, life goes on.

img > Threat

Almost a year later... What interest ?

He asks for more !

The next day, what a nice surprise on Facebook™ !
My favorite little animal created an FB account only to insult and threaten me on my account and on my page. But that's too much honor for me ! Thank you very much Ena Minus !
I let him play for a bit, then I report him and block him. I have other things to do than to take care of this thing which one dares to call being evolved.
I hope we will stay there forever with this poor guy.

img > Threat

It's stupid, I had no more popcorn...

If I follow his reasoning, McSkyz with its 1.52 million subscribers is much better than me, since, all media combined, I have to cap at 2,500 subscribers.
Sorry, Ena Machin, but I disagree. McDo™, Coca™ and crappy TV shows make staggering figures, but that does not make them quality products. I don't give myself a quality label either, but I still place myself a little above this bunch of bullshit.

img > McSkyz

What originality, what finesse, what acting !

Laugh or cry ?

All this to denounce a rather worrying race to the bottom.
Not only do the most popular people in the world of urbex (read, youtubers) only offer crap, and thus give a deplorable image of this hobby (thanks in particular to the vandalism that is trivialized). But in addition, these people are followed by a cohort of lifeless brainless who idolize useless and harmful types. And when this mire becomes aggressive, there is reason to ask questions.
Alas, this kind of nauseating behavior doesn't limit it to the urbex. Our whole society is plagued by stupidity and violence.
Should we laugh or cry ? I chose to laugh about it.


After some cross-checking, it appears that our friend with multiple identities would be none other than McSkyz (real name Joris) in person. It would be on a pathetic level rarely reached. Having to hide behind a false character to justify himself and so lacking in balls to face his detractors. Proof that it is a scam from A to Z.

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