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February 6January 17

Great discovery : in winter, it's cold !

February 2021

It's cold, and that's normal. This is called winter.
And people seem amazed ! Personally, what surprises and worries me is when it's 10°C/50°F in the middle of February, not when it's freezing.
And concerning the snow, we are ridiculous ! 2 inches snow and it's chaos all over the country. Canadians must be kidding us

We took advantage of this winter offensive to set off again on the roads of Belgium to discover new abandoned places.

Finally and to flatter my ego, a comment posted on my Flickr page :

There's nothing to say about it but it's always nice
Thanks to Johnny 5 !

The staff of

February 2021

Behind every exemplary and extraordinary man (like me), there are other people. These people share with me for the common good, improving you, dear readers. Yeah, every time you go to this website you grow, you get better, you get a little closer to my level.
Thanks to us, peace in the world is progressing in leaps and bounds, the environment is getting better and better and the lawn in your garden is growing much better. So continue to visit these few web pages. For you, for the whole world.

It was time for me to finally introduce my companions to you. They deserve it (but I won't tell you why).
Here is a short biography of each of them :

I bless you.
Thanks me.

2021 : the first pictures

January 2021

Here is a new year that starts well !
To enhance your quarantine, here are the photos of my last exploration, with Ferver.
Don't ask me which building is, I will not be able to answer you. For my own safety and yours.

That's all for the moment.

February 6January 17