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Small break

July 2021

From time to time, you have to know how to disconnect. This is precisely what I’ll be doing for the next few days (weeks ?).
Logically, there should no longer be any updates on However, I’ll still regularly post pictures of my old explorations on , and . However, will also be on hiatus.
And what will I do during my withdrawal ? Things that don't concern you.

img > Small break

Before the break, a last series of photos on... bees and gardening tips !
It is with these friendly insects that we cross the threshold of 11,000 photos published on this website.

img > Bzzzzz

Happy holidays to those who take it, and for the others, well... kisses.

Urbex without interest

June 2021

My interest in the urbex had already been badly decreased for the reasons mentioned in the previous brief. But I still forced myself to join my urbex mates for an expedition.
Unfortunately, the places I visited failed to restore my interest in urban exploration. In the midst of the endless houses and farms, there were still two places that made me happy.
Another very pleasant fact : we haven’t seen any other urbexer.

The problem with houses (or farms) in urban exploration is that they are the most numerous in our small world. They are found everywhere, in every town or village. And inevitably, it is that I have visited the most in more than ten years, hence my weariness for the subject and the unpleasant impression of seeing the same things each time.
Fortunately, a few are exceptional and significant, but too rare.
Another aspect that I don't like about houses in urban exploration : they have nothing to tell me. Both a public place (church, prison, hospital or other) or a factory have a history shared by a multitude of people.
A house, on the contrary, also has a history but which remains within the family or the individuals who have lived there, to no one else.

See you later.

Time for change

May 2021

Not long ago, I told you about a radical change in my life. This change, I didn't want it. Unfortunately, I had no choice but to accept it. And this acceptance, I finally made it. It is high time to lift your head and start moving forward.
Having said that, my mind is way too cluttered with questions to be able to devote myself as before to urbex and this website. In other words, the updates will no longer be as regular.
On the other hand, there is no question of evoking any closure of this website.

I will leave with you what I wrote at the end of May, for posterity.
And I also let you enjoy my last photo outings.

There are things that I thought were impossible, things that can only happen to others.
But gradually, I realized that there was a problem, but I couldn't figure out what the trouble was. It took me two long years to finally understand this unutterable intuition.
Then the uppercut came without warning : at that moment, a horrible feeling of dizziness came over me. I searched in vain for a saving hand, but soon realized that this hand no longer existed. Or maybe never even existed. At that point, I have no more certainty.
It is often said that time helps to forget and the scars heal little by little. I don't believe it.
The more violent the events, the more difficult, if not impossible, remission. This ordeal, I took it in the face a few weeks ago. Yet I believed that this would never happen to me again, that it was finally there. Actually no.
And to think that we had to get married...

That said, my website is more than ever a good way to change my mind a bit, even if the passion is gone for the moment.
I let you enjoy my last photo outings.


May 2021

I made an urban exploration that goes wrong (yes, I know, it's already written in the title but that's to make sure you understand the seriousness of it !) !! You absolutely have to click to see what happened to me !!!
The video will show you what went wrong but I made it out alive !

⚠️☢️☣️☢️⚠️ It was so terrible !!! ⚠️☢️☣️☢️⚠️
🚨🚓👮 Ooh la la !!! 👮🚓🚨

img > YouTube - AN URBEX GOES WRONG !

Quickly click on the video !
You must see it !

In reality ? No, none of that. But it seems clickbait titles like this are all the rage.
The latest problem dates back to 2015, when we visited an aqua-park where the owner got kicked us out of the place in a somewhat rough manner.
Since then, and strangely enough, we have visited over a hundred places without any problems, sometimes meeting keepers or owners.
It’s strange that some have problems every exploration, and others none.

With that, enjoy my latest photo galleries. And the real photo of the Statue of Liberty is here


🕵️‍ Partners in crime (lolilol) : D-Kryptage Urbain, Kapatage & Ferver 🕵️‍

Hmm... Sorry...

By the way, there are no videos on this channel.
You got screwed

A last minute aside
The café terraces were able to reopen on May 8, 2021.
The result is worth the detour.

img > Une place à Namur au lendemain de la réouverture des terrasses

A place in Namur the day after the reopening of the terraces. No comment...

Observation : morons who clump together to drink a beer (a vital need, it should be remembered) and filth that doesn't surprise me.
Do these people deserve to be saved ?

Josh grumbles... again !

April 2021

As always, I am in a good mood. So, a good advice: don't start pissing me off !
I'm actually quite amused. By who ? By many of you. You are so entertaining. And it is with pleasure that I explain to you why in my latest creation which rubs shoulders with perfection.

img > Salutations

Urbex, your ruthless universe

But don't let my rant stop you from admiring some new photo galleries. You will find everything there, our visits were very diverse and varied.
As usual, these expeditions were made with D-Kryptage Urbain & Kaptage.

It was better before

March 2021

What is urbex ?
It's a whole new practice to visit abandoned or hard-to-reach places. Very confidential practice, it meets little success and remains confidential. The media never talk about it (since they ignore its existence) and those who practice it do not seek fame or publicity. They only do it for fun and passion.

One of the "rules" of urbex (or urban exploration) is not to steal, damage or move anything, respect being paramount. The philosophy of this particular hobby is to only witness the old life of a place, certainly not actor. As if to save by photography a bygone and forgotten era.

All of the above was valid ten years ago.
Now ? It's quite the opposite !
The practice is infested with assholes and too many people find themselves in places that aren't – necessarily – abandoned anymore. The very essence of urbex has been killed by this hobby has become a fashion.

Another current aspect of urbex, that this time makes me laugh : the pseudo-philosophical phrases increasingly accompanying the photos.
What is it for seriously ? To make you look falsely intelligent ? Proofread your sentences before posting and you'll find they don't mean anything.
However, since I am jealous, I also launch into empty sentences :

In order not to be thirsty, you have to drink.
If the door is open, don't open it.

img > Facepalm

A fairly explicit reaction

All the same, I invite you to these few visits where, as it became exceptional, we didn’t meet anyone.
These excursions were made with D-Kryptage Urbain & Kaptage.

The weather is nice, we forget everything !

March 2021

In ten days, we experienced a temperature difference of more than 25°C/77°F. From freezing cold, we switched to spring heat. Isn't that normal ?
And what about COVID-19 ? From ancient history. It is enough to see all these assholes crowding together in the parks to convince yourself that there is no more danger.

This sudden good weather also allowed us to set out again on the roads in quest of new abandoned places, far from human stupidity. And once again, it was a real pleasure.
I offer you these few galleries of visits made in companies of D-Kryptage Urbain, Kaptage & Ferver.

Great discovery : in winter, it's cold !

February 2021

It's cold, and that's normal. This is called winter.
And people seem amazed ! Personally, what surprises and worries me is when it's 10°C/50°F in the middle of February, not when it's freezing.
And concerning the snow, we are ridiculous ! 2 inches snow and it's chaos all over the country. Canadians must be kidding us

We took advantage of this winter offensive to set off again on the roads of Belgium to discover new abandoned places.

Finally and to flatter my ego, a comment posted on my Flickr page :

There's nothing to say about it but it's always nice
Thanks to Johnny 5 !

The staff of

February 2021

Behind every exemplary and extraordinary man (like me), there are other people. These people share with me for the common good, improving you, dear readers. Yeah, every time you go to this website you grow, you get better, you get a little closer to my level.
Thanks to us, peace in the world is progressing in leaps and bounds, the environment is getting better and better and the lawn in your garden is growing much better. So continue to visit these few web pages. For you, for the whole world.

It was time for me to finally introduce my companions to you. They deserve it (but I won't tell you why).
Here is a short biography of each of them :

I bless you.
Thanks me.

2021 : the first pictures

January 2021

Here is a new year that starts well !
To enhance your quarantine, here are the photos of my last exploration, with Ferver.
Don't ask me which building is, I will not be able to answer you. For my own safety and yours.

That's all for the moment.

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