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Ah, spring

April 2022

Spring is, in general, synonymous with the return of good weather. I well said in general.
This year we had all four seasons in two weeks. We happily went from barbecue to garden to snow sledding, through showers and storms. At least, no routine.

Spring is also synonymous, especially to Mouscron, with the eponymous fair. It was time for it to make its comeback after two years of absence. And of course, I couldn't help but put my camera there. By going there, I also immortalized the new scars inflicted on this city. This is what happens when a city is offered to real estate developers.
I therefore invite you to visit the magnificent streets of Mouscron. Vomit bag not included.

As for urban exploration, that may be for later.

A bit of urbex

March 2022

Fortunately, between work and daily chores, there is always a way to escape a little. And what could be better than the good old wasteland !
Taking advantage of the mild weather, I took the opportunity to cross the country from side to side. Well, afterwards, I cried when I had to refuel, but whatever. For the next expedition, I'll take out a mortgage.

On the program, two places that are dear to me. The first for the symbol it represents, the other for the challenge it will have been for me : 4 or 5 attempts will have been necessary to overcome it.

To top it off, these two visits allowed me to practice an activity that I particularly enjoy: walking. Helping age, I realize that the counter is ticking, and that it is time for me to get back to sport a little. We cannot win against time, but we can try to mitigate its effects.

The red button

March 2022

Before a nuclear holocaust now plausible thanks to the other crazy - Putin, if you read me, you are a disgrace to Russia, kill yourself now ! -, I offer you a return to the land of oblivion.
In these troubled times, the calm that usually reigns in abandoned places is a real breath of fresh air for me. Admittedly, the air we breathe there is not the freshest, but who cares. Being away from people is what matters to me.

Visits made with the companies of D-Kryptage Urbain, Kaptage & Robert-Urbex.
And if you're going to make your will, it won't do much good. You don't know it yet, but you're already dead.
On these words, have a nice day.

PS – is now the 1,862,693rd most visited website in the world and its suburbs. In a few weeks, we will be number 1 !

USA vs. USSR Putin

February 2022

We thought the Cold War era was over. Alas no.
This crazy Putin (Chechnya, Georgia, Abkhazia, Ossetia, Moldova, World Cup 2018, etc.), after making friends with the rest of the world, decided to screw up a good dose of shit by raping Ukraine. But this violation doesn't date from this year, oh no. This brave Vladimir had already invaded Crimea in 2014, already flouting a fine series of treaties and agreements, as well as international law. In the process, he continues with the help given to the mercenaries..., sorry, nice pro-Putin separatists..., sorry, freedom of the Ukrainian region of Donbass.

img > Ukrainian flag
A country violated by a neighbor gone mad

During this time, what are the Westerners doing ? Nothing.
Even if Putin is mainly responsible for this mess, the others also bear a significant part of the responsibility, starting with Europe and its chronic uselessness. Come on, who still takes this joke seriously ?
As for the United States, the funny Trump played the peacock with Putin. For Biden, let's wait and see, but personally, I fear the worst.
And the Chinese ? With these too, it promises a happy tomorrow...

img > G8 2013
The leaders of the G8 countries, including Putin, meeting in Northern Ireland in 2013
Ben Stansall / AFP

As always, it's not the shitty politicians who will be impacted by the next war. No, it's people like you and me. On our side, energy prices will probably skyrocket and heating will become a luxury. For the Ukrainians, long and dark hours are to be feared. And for the Russians, they have vodka.
Alongside the real, dirty war, media manipulation will also rage. As proof, the difference in treatment between Google™ (United States) and Yandex™ (Russia). For the same request, namely images from Ukraine, and at the same time, the result isn't really identical. To see what we will be served in the next few days.

img > Google
img > Yandex

If we can understand the reluctance of the Russians to see a direct neighbor entering NATO (in other words the circle of subservient to the Americans), other solutions were possible. But stupid humans couldn't have done it. Especially from a president with all the power in the biggest country in the world and already having several former Soviet republics, including Belarus, in the hands of the last dictator in Europe.

To end on a slightly more positive note, what did you think of the recent storms? Nice, right ?
That too, we will see again...

Let's talk about RSS

janvier 2022

RSS ? Nazi stuff not cool ? Or the former Soviet Union ? No, little ignoramus !
The RSS feed is a really practical (but outdated) tool to keep you informed of new publications published on By the way, yes, I'm familiar with you : since you don't know what RSS is, I can't have much respect for you. Therefore, the familiarity is essential.

To help you find your way around, I offer you a series of tools to read the RSS feed depending on the browser you use :

  • Firefox : Brief
  • Edge : Feedbro
  • Opera : This browser has a built-in player, something other browsers had in the past.
  • Chrome : RSS Feed Reader
  • Brave : see Chrome since it is the same browser, but less boring.
  • Tor : if you use this browser, it is not to read RSS feeds. So, no need to install one on this browser (especially since Brief and the others don't seem to work).

Regarding the RSS feed of this website, here is its URL (web address so as not to panic your neuron too much) :

Click here to access it. You'll see, it's magic !

img > RSS is your friend
RSS is your friend

Here, once again, I have helped you, little Internet user.
Come on, have a good evening !

PS - No, the RSS icon isn’t the same as your beloved Wi-Fi
You really have to learn everything, you ignorant !

We're changing the year. So what ?

January 2022

After 2021, 2022. Nothing more to say.
Of course, visits to forgotten places continue.
But some of our tours don't appeal to one category of urbexers (hello Urbex Magazine Italia ). These few places visited, according to them, don’t meet their standards in terms of urbex. When I ask them what these standards are, I get no answer. I hate disdain. I would add that I was an explorer before being a photographer. The photos are only there to keep track of the past, not to win a beauty contest.
The goal of this little Facebook™ group is only to appear, to have beautiful, very / too much reworked (or downright faked) photos, to have "Likes" and that's it. We do not have the same philosophy at all regarding urban exploration.

Finally, a stroll between tourism and urbex at the Godarville Tunnel.
This atypical place was well worth the long walk separating this isolated place from human vermin. Although, even in this remote location, one must deplore the shameful behavior of previous visitors.

As usual, these visits were made with Ferver, D-Kryptage Urbain & Kaptage.

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