In the mists of nothingness

In the fog, I advance...
Step by step...

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Posted on December 7, 2020

In front of me, the fog. A dark and thick cloud seeming to swallow everything. What's next that I can barely see ? No idea. Everything is blurry, the ground merges with the sky, nothing is tangible or reassuring.
Everything invites fear.
Everything invites anguish.

I see the unknown. I can almost touch it. I'm in front of him and I have no choice.
I need to move forward in this direction. I can't turn around anymore.
What's behind me ? The past. It was much lighter, much warmer, I felt good there.
A sun shone there.

For ten years, I have been walking towards this darkness alone. You are no longer by my side, just like I was not by your side when you needed to be.
With hesitant steps, I walk. Yet, relentlessly, your memory comes back to me. No matter the place, no matter the time, your memory is there. I'm not complaining about it, quite the opposite. It's all I have left of you. Your memory is my best weapon to face this threatening mist.
Although every second thought of you is painful for me, it is enough for me to think of your laughter or your bewitching gaze and nothing is scary anymore.
I know it's all in vain. Walking aimlessly is useless. How much longer will I tarnish this ? I do not know...
I search for this sun which illuminated my past knowing that I will never find it again.

I would love to see you again one day, here or in another world.
To tell you - finally ! - how much I love you and to apologize for behaving like an idiot with you, you the embodiment of goodness and kindness...
I know it won't be possible in this world.
I hope this will be the case elsewhere...


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  • The photo illustrating this little text comes from an excursion along an abandoned canal.


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