Lead horn of Euro 2016

Apart from the official statistics, here is my personal ranking of the most god-awful fans of Europe.
Obviously, that remains only my personal opinion but as I am always right, this opinion can be considered as an indisputable fact.

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Posted on June 8, 2016

There it's done. Euro 2016 is over.
Fans can reuse their neurons (or what's left of them) and resume their crappy little life. As for you, footballers, these genies, these saviors - what am I saying - these living gods, thank you to you. I wish you a well-deserved rest. Your usefulness to society justifies perfectly your indecent wages.

Now, the most important : the official ranking of the lead horn of Euro 2016.

In the first place, and as at every tournament where it officiates : France.
Like a large part of its population, it reaches levels never reached by redneck attitude, haughtiness, bad faith and poor taste.
No need to dwell on the irrepressible feeling of superiority on the part of the French people. Everyone knows it and everybody has to suffer it. Its neighbors are the first victims.

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Top class supporters !
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Second place and tied : Belgium and Italy.

  • Belgium : The problem for Belgians is that as soon as they earn a little (and this is rare), they lose all sense of reality.
    Although they will never succeed to reach the level of the French, the Belgians keep at least for them a certain sympathy that the French have not.
  • Italy : in terms of sound, they have always been tough competitors of the French. Compared to Belgium, we must recognize that Italians deserved a little more for their "Belgio vaffanculo" and the Belgian flag burned on the Place Charles II in Charleroi. What a beautiful thank you to the country that allowed the ancestors of these assholes to experience a misery a little less terrible in Belgium rather than Italy.

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Third place is without any flavor but has yet hard fought between Spain and Portugal. These two nations were just boring late into the night. But that's all.
Disappointing. Can do better !

Beside this podium of stupidity, an interesting outsider : Wales. Yes...
Just after the justified elimination of the Belgium by Wales, I was surprised by a (small) concert of horns. Or were it representatives of another country too happy to see the Belgians eliminated by a dwarf of world football ? The investigation is in progress.

The usual disappointments : Germany, all the Scandinavian countries and the Netherlands.
Wait... Aaahhh, I'm told right now that the Batavians haven't managed to qualify for this tournament. LOL !

Conclusion : a football supporter already leaves with a serious mental deficit. I am well placed to talk about it, I have walked for many years the football stadiums in Belgium. But in major tournaments, the level is still widening, so much so that it is difficult to consider football fans as belonging to the same animal species as other humans having nothing to do with football.
Meanwhile, politicians continue to rip us off in joy and good humor, with no one (or almost) flinching. Bread and games. The rest, we don't give a fuck as Kevin De Bruyne would say.
Pathetic world...

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As always, the French won the Breaking's Balls World Cup.
© Jean-Jacques Thomas


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    You are lucky ones !


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