What I will never do again (or never) in urban exploration

There are things we don't like. Or limits not to be crossed (anymore).
Here is a summary of what I will never (or never) do again.

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Posted on November 19, 2021

How do we get off ?

Urban exploration projects, I've had a lot of them. Good ideas but hard to implement, stupid ideas and more... well, less conventional.
One of them is the escalation of all types of structures. I've tried it before, especially on a steeple under renovation, to get to the top of a cement factory or even get into an abandoned power station. It's not that I don't like it, on the contrary, but I am not helped by a vertigo that has already played tricks on me. The pleasant feeling of dominating the world is quickly faded by this fear that makes me forget everything, including the way to get down. Also, the passage of time no longer prompts me to trudge to unreasonable heights.

For this very particular discipline, there are specialists. So let them take all the risks for our pleasure. Among the myriad of youtubers, I retain only one : BNT.
On his channel, some really impressive videos (some will freak out if you feel dizzy) and always of great beauty. And technically he's brilliant too.

Two of BNT's many videos : climbing a 351-meter (1151 ft) chimney...

... and another just as dizzying.
BNT YouTube™ channel.

Obviously I had no plans to experience such extremes like BNT, but scaring myself several tens of meters above the ground made me trot in the lead for a while.
Finally, when I see how I react to low heights, wisdom commands me to stay on the floor as much as possible.

A video that goes wrong

Another idea, which appeared at the beginning of the year : to make videos.
But I come to you: yes, there are already a lot of urban channels on YouTube™ all identical. Of course, I wouldn't have done the same shit that this horde of Sunday explorers did. But for the moment, I have neither the technical means nor the ideas. It is therefore very likely that my YouTube™ channel remains desperately empty. But there is worse in life.

Ghostbusters for dummies

Another trend that I will never give in: pseudo paranormal investigations (and the videos that go with it).
To avoid taking a trial in my ass, I will say in a politically correct manner that these videos do not appeal to me much, that their veracity cannot be forcefully established, and that their overall quality could be maximized.
Basically, this is crap. And invariably the same from channel to channel.

" Hello ! I am a real estate agent "

The "residential" category of urbex has never been my cup of tea. However, there are many abandoned houses or villas on this website. Logically, houses are the most numerous forgotten places.
But, you see, the houses that I visit are really abandoned.

Some little jokers have found the vein to have a long list of spots like my c*** : we visit real estate agency sites, we pass ourselves off as a potential buyer, we take pictures of a property for sale and that's it ! You can easily recognize these "spotlights" with impeccable cleanliness, with the pieces tidied up with a string and with the electricity very present. Obviously, electricity can still be connected (as here for example), but not always !


The title is pretty self-explanatory, isn't it ?
Fortunately, things are very rare but do exist : the theft of photos.
Shamelessly, some assholes don't hesitate to steal other people's work and take ownership of it on social media.
Respect having been murdered long ago, this shitty practice is not surprising, however.

Go on...

To conclude, I greet you.

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