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May 2016

Closure of
At the time, I did not know whether this forced closure would be final or not.
Also, the site was finally becoming popular. The positive momentum will have been shattered.

Retro 2007-2015

April 2016

After this dark end of March, the smug and useless optimism (which most of you have shown) may be back. Indeed, the good weather and hay fever gradually returning, the metro is back on track, politicians are still not in jail and civil war is coming soon. In short, EVERYTHING'S ALLRIGHT.
So we took the opportunity to admire this little best of what I have created with great care.

img > Retro 2007-2015

Retro 2007-2015

And it continues, again and again...

March 2016

I posted nothing here since several months. Lack of ideas, motivation or else...
Once again, it will be news that will give me some food for thought.

img > Brussels attacks 2016

New York, Bali, Jakarta, Istanbul, Mumbai, Moscow, Nigeria, Madrid, London, Paris and now Brussels (non-exhaustive list, huh!), With, in guest stars, and in each time, Islamist terrorists.
What has been done to eradicate this cancer ? Nothing at all ! Especially in Molenbeek.
We expect the following...

Following the events, a small reflection.
2014, 2015, 2016, exceptional situations that could become normality ? Personally, fear, anger and sadness are always there. But not any more surprise. This is what given me the creeps...
Also, we often say that we get used to everything. I don't think so, not in this case.
Otherwise, to relax the atmosphere a bit, a little musical note (satirical song that violently mocks terrorists – sorry, no subtitles available) :


January 2016

Let's try to forget 2015. Or at least hope that 2016 will not be worse than the year just ended.
Let's be optimistic, what the deuce !
Good... Uh... Shit, it doesn't work...

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Good luck to one & all.

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