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Paris under attack !

December 2015

No, I wouldn't do a paper on the tragic events of 13 November. Why ? Because the Internet as a whole wouldn't be large enough to write whatever comes into my head about this tragedy.
Yet I started a few drafts. But I quickly realized that I was going in all directions and that establishing a guideline was impossible.

I will mention just a few themes : the enormous responsibility of politicians (both lax than in abject relationship with the Gulf States), the undeniable failure of a imposed multiculturalism (also caused by assho... sorry, politicians), Western imperialism that inevitably leads to conflict (and with all that that implies), the futility and the danger of Europe, the general mess of the crisis of migrants (hello Calais !) and its likely and conflictual impacts, the problem of dual citizenship, etc.

img > Paris under attack !

I started 2015 by evoking the drama of Charlie Hebdo.
We are now at the end of that year and I return to Paris for even more horrible events. Full circle.
An infernal loop and that now seems endless...
Finally, a sincere thought to the victims and their families.

See you in 2016.

10.000 !

October 2015

img > 10.000 photos
This is a very symbolic milestone that has been crossed, at least for the French part of the website.
I never imagined reaching this number of published pictures when I started this website in 2007.

For the occasion, here are some of my latest urbex trips.
All new publications will not be shown on this page. To stay informed of everything about everything, RSS is here.
On the program : a bit of everything.

Winter Tour 2015

février 2015

After a begin of the year marked by events that show human debility, it was time to bring out the photographic equipment and have to change ideas.
So, it's done with some visits that I propose. It's still really good to see my fellow enthusiasts and the special atmosphere of urban exploration after months of absence.

Finally, the animation below was found on Les joies de l’urbex leads me to a small reflection.

img > Les joies de l’urbex

Although I agree with the original legend (“When a urbexer involved in a reportage on the urbex”), I think we can change it to “When a urbexer does urbex”.
Given the number of adherents, discretion is now ancient history. Previously, I was almost glad to meet someone on a ruin, such it was rare. Now I worry when I do meet anyone, such it's rare.
Then, publications with fully complete historical allow localization in 30 seconds for who knows how to use Google™. I too am interested in the places visited, but the overly flagrant information, I keep them to myself. A big thank you for these tourist guides.

Charlie Hebdo attacks

January 2015

The year 2015 is off to a really bad start...
For my part, I have lived (from afar) a professional drama (where luckily everyone comes out more or less unscathed). Then a police station in Brussels is the target of Molotov cocktails, and now, this terrorist act of unprecedented violence. Charlie Hebdo had already been under fire from the madmen of God in 2011. They have now taken the next step.
What do all these events that should never have happened have in common? You just need to educate yourself a little and the conclusion will be very easy to do. And this, without any prejudice or consideration, these are only proven facts.

img > Je suis Charlie

Where are we going ? What do we have to do ? When will it stop? Will we, in a more or less distant future, still be ourselves ?


January 2015

As every year, we will add one to the previous year and that's pretty much all there to say about New Year's Eve and its hackneyed rituals.
Nothing else to add.
It is clear, clean and precise.

img > 2015

Oh, I forgot...
2015 will be worse than 2014. Do you make no illusions...
This allows me to announce that ?

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