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December 2019

I finally got over it ! My first photo shooting since late 2015.
Given the period, I could only walk in a Christmas Market. Bad luck, I could only go to the one in Mouscron. The pictures are here .

img > Mercy Christmas

Mercy Christmas !
Gravitas Ventures

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020.
Don't worry, next year, everything will be as good as in 2019.

It's your turn to speak !

November 2019

A space for exchanging ideas is now available at the bottom of each page and article on this website.
So you can, as your way, sing me your praises or talk about the weather.

To ensure a good atmosphere and avoid bloodshed, however, there are some small rules (available here) to follow. If some minor break-ins are to be noticed, the punishment will be a punch in your face.

img > A cordial discussion

A cordial discussion

Thanks for your attention.

Fight against diabetes

October 2019

Throughout this month of November, the logo of your favorite website will be replaced by the universal symbol of diabetes, a blue circle.
This is obviously not for nothing ! Move our ass, do your best not to catch this crap, and unfortunately for those who suffer, open your wallet and stop thinking about your little person. img > Fight against diabetes

It's not a small disease that is treated with Paracetamol®. It's a shit that you keep for life and poisons the lives of those who have it.

If you really love your loved ones, you'll not be insensitive.
Thanks in advance.


October 2019

Here it is, all pictures of urbex have finally been put back online.
A little over two months will have been necessary to recreate 183 articles and to process some 5973 photos.
By cons, there are still 2200 photos of old galleries to redo. Step by step...
Pictures are here is back

July 2019

It's been over three long years of I'm trying to escape from this damn Black Lodge.
And what I discovered after this long wandering hardly rejoices me. I don't congratulate you...

It's back for a ride but there will be changes here.

  • First, the visual aspect.
    My old site had become a mess over the years and since then I have simply forgotten how I put to the point this monster of complexity. In short, this site was as simple as the Belgian political system.
    Morality : I start from scratch.
  • Then the content.
    I will only publish pictures, whether of urbex or not. And some other topics that I have written in the past. Or not.
    Nothing is totally definitive yet.

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