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What's up ?

August 2009

No, isn't dead.
Simply, I had some trouble with my ISP. This one being incredibly efficient, having exemplary technical support and flawless administration, I found myself - despite myself and despite a lot of effort (I don't know how many calls to a surcharged number for systematically come across an answering machine, no response to send mails, etc.) - without Internet for more than two weeks.

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VOO will be without me !

Time to spend my nerves on this deplorable affair and I will get back to developing the site shortly. Needless to say, I'm going to change the ISP...
The current one will be sold out for September 1st. VOO, it will be without me.


May 2009

Inauguration with great fanfare of THE new web reference.
All the gratin and the celebrity press saturate the network to witness the birth of what is already listed as World Heritage by UNESCO. Two and a half years of pharaonic investments to achieve the result you have in front of you.

Here is what to start : some photos taken since 2007 and visible in these few series.

The first bricks of this website.
What emotion !

Coding & writing

February 2009

The website is still a long way from being ready, but anyway, I'm already populating it with lots of pictures. Besides the PhP that I have to get to know, I am still in school regarding my new camera, namely a Canon™ EOS 400-D. And what could be more natural than learning to use a camera than taking pictures ?

Still a little patience...

August 23May 30February 22