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August 16March 1

Photos !

August 2008

Once the hard coding is done, it's time to prepare for the publication of my latest photographic outings. As a bonus, I got a new camera. I have already abused it by crossing Belgium in all directions in search of new photos to offer you.

As for the website, its construction is progressing little by little.
On the other hand, it's impossible for me to say when it will be able to be found on the Internet.
Wait & see.

Transition to PHP

March 2008

Initially, I planned to build this site in ASP.NET. This technology, competing with PHP, was set up by Microsoft™ and is starting to find a place in the sun. In addition, it was the programming language that I was best “familiar” with.
But I quickly realized the problems I would soon encounter with ASP.NET. That's why I switched to the competition, which is PHP.

img > ASP.NET img > PHP

But why ?
Mainly out of laziness if I may say so and it has nothing to do with any question of “quality” of language. Indeed, the PHP community is much larger than the ASP.NET community. So it's easier for me to find what I'm looking for in PHP than in ASP.NET. And having only basic knowledge, I couldn't afford to design the slightly more elaborate features (comments, various small scripts, etc.) on my own.
The transition between the two languages was quite difficult, but in the end, the maintenance of the functionalities will be easier.

August 16March 1