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Let it be over soon

December 2010

It seems that Santa Claus is rubbish. It's not just him...
In this time of widespread hypocrisy, I don’t wish you a Merry Christmas.
On a related note, I hope that 2011 is as bad for you as this year on the verge of dying.

img > Joyeux Noël

To end with 2010, I nevertheless offer you some new series of pictures
I therefore give you an appointment in 2011.
If you don't mind.

What's up Doc ?

October 2010

It was time !
I was finally able to find some time to pick up my camera.
Admire these few galleries or follow the link

Having said that, with summer definitely behind us, the days are starting to get noticeably shorter. Instead of lighting the lamps, do like me and use candles. There, that was my green tip for the day.
You're welcome, it's free.

img > Candles

Ignominy, hell & damnation

September 2010

No more coconut palms and idleness. The start of the school year is here.
Prepare your stocks of Prozac™ and whatnot. This new school year will be long, boring, gloomy, overtaxed and not great.

img > The Seventh Victim
The Seventh Victim
RKO Pictures

With these kind words full of optimism, I wish you good luck (good luck being useless).
See you soon.

Holidays, I forget everything !

June 2010

This is valid for the lucky guys who are... On vacation !
For the other poor wretches like me, it's the job in the maxi model furnaces that awaits them. Sniff...

img > Holidays !

Finally, for those lucky enough to go to Knokke-De Zoute or Brussel-aan-Zee, have a good idleness !
For the others, I offer you this title from 1982 (in French and of an incomparable class...) to wait until the long awaited moment :

Spring & pictures

avril 2010

Life goes on.
The contribution of new pictures to the site too.
Winter is well over this time, the sun dominates the sky.
In addition, no more planes in the air. Thank you Iceland !


January 2010

A little hello by the way.
How are you doing here ? Yes ? So much the better.

Come on, we're going to sacrifice ourselves to the ritual of January 1 :
Happy New Year 2010, good health, good thaw, good whatever you want.
See you next time.

img > Happy New Year 2010

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